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Here Are 3 Big Reasons Why You Should Start Investing In Cryptocurrency Today.

Decentralized Digital Currency

Digital cash like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin cannot be manipulated nor controlled by one central authority. No one is given special advantage over the currency and is controlled in consensus of everyone involved.
Which is a good thing because one central authority can't change the monetary policy and cause a meltdown.

Instant Transactions

Transactions are circulated instantly, or within a few seconds, in the network as soon as currencies are sent out. Since they take place in a global network of computers, recipients can confirm transactions in a couple of minutes, regardless of their location. A recipient could be living at the other end of the world and still be able to receive the transaction.

Multiple Applications

Many are introduced to Bitcoin as a form of digital currency - the new future of money. But Cryptocurrency has the potential to go beyond that. The blockchain can be used to prove ownership of items other than just the coins - land titles, insurance claims, crowdfunding and so much more. Each of these exchanges require coins for transaction fees and in turn adds value to Bitcoin.

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